The closure of international borders and the devastation caused by tropical Cyclone Harold earlier this year has meant a very difficult 2020 for the people of Fiji. With 40% of the nation's GDP generated by tourism, the COVID-19 restrictions have hit Fiji and it’s neighbouring pacific nations especially hard. We want you to join us as we do our part on the road to recovery. If you'd like to lend a hand, just pick up any item from our discounted merch store.

100% of proceeds going towards our pledge of 500 Food Hampers & 100 Sanitary Packs.

Vinaka Vaka Levu for your support.

The first 200 hampers have been delivered!

The delivery of the first 200 food hampers has been completed to the following organisations and groups:  United Blind Persons of Fiji •  Corona Virus Assistance for HART •  The Mama Ashy Foundation •  Plantation Island Resort staff

Limited Edition Surfboard

We teamed up with DSN Surfboards to make a custom 6 ft pink fish with fins. The board was hand made and is the only one of it’s kind! It's RRP is AUD$1,200, and the online auction starts at AUD$500.

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